Trivedi Master Wellness 11-11-11 Retreat

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We have recently concluded the Trivedi Master Wellness 11-11-11 four day Retreat in Los Angeles, CA. It was amazing, exciting, enlightening, full of love and wonder. The Trivedi retreats can be accessed either in person or via the web live streaming with chat ability. This is my second retreat live streaming. Nothing is diluted by attending from home. The benefits of attending in person are being in Mr. Trivedi's aura which in itself is quite an experience. Also of course the interaction with everyone there and the meals. The participants (and all of The Trivedi Foundation's contacts) were invited to attend his and his new bride's wedding party after the retreat. He gifted everyone there and remotely with an energy transmission especially for love and relationships. If you are single - this is to help guide you to your perfect partner and if you are in relationship for that to grow and strengthen.

Mr. Trivedi

Mr. Trivedi

Mr. Trivedi is an extremely powerful transmitter of a very intelligent energy. This energy has the ability to help in so many ways. I have heard and read so many testimonies. I have also experienced many of these energy transmissions and there are different types of programs to enroll to receive these. While Mr. Trivedi does not make any claims of healing, many people experience amazing results in all arenas of life. Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. I was dealing with ADD - it is gone now. I was also experiencing rollercoaster emotions - that is resolved. I had TMJ for 3 years - I couldn't chew and opted for soft food. I could only open my mouth 1/2 way. I went to 2 dentists and no one had an answer. After about 3 months with Mr. Trivedi's energy transmissions - my jaw is 95% healed. People who have had pain for years report reduction and elimination of that pain. People have had fast and unusual recoveries from numerous types of maladies and surgeries.

Here are some of the types of things people report improvement of:

  1. physical pain
  2. weight loss
  3. better relationships
  4. no more fear of the future
  5. eyesight improved
  6. animals helped
  7. better concentration and focus
  8. depression
  9. anxiety
  10. faster healing

I have watched as Mr. Trivedi takes a special interest in autistic children with profound results reported by the parents and families.

The Trivedi Organization is constantly testing and confirming scientifically for the validation of changes effected by this energy transmission. They have conducted over 4,000 studies all over the world in multiple fields such as agriculture, genetics, human health to name a few.

What are your challenges? Your partners'? Your childrens'? We all seek a happier, better life. One very important benefit that people report with consistency is they no longer experience fear of the future. The energy gives a calmness and sense of ease. I remember when I first discovered this information and the testimonials it made me very curious. I figured I'd try it and see what I experienced. I'd suggest that to you too.

To your next amazing experience!





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