Time Management

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Time Management

Time Management

In learning how to best manage my time I've heard it said that you cannot manage time. What you do is manage priorities that time management is an illusion. So that long list of "to-do's" needs to get a little shorter. At least the daily one. You can keep other lists, such as things to get done within the month or year or even further in the future. But your daily list needs to have fewer things. I think you'll become more efficient. You'll learn how not to overextend yourself. Oh yeah, and learn how to say "No". When we plan to much it creates anxiety. When you feel anxious you're not going to be as creative or productive. It just creates a block.

Make your "to-do" list the night before so you can get up and know exactly what you need to begin with. This is especially good for those of us who take a little more time getting in gear in the morning. Having the "to-do" list ready for you eliminates having to wade through some brain fog, if that's the case for you. If not, it's just easier to have your day planned and get to it. You could also write a "not-to-do" list if that helps your focus.

Do fewer things, but do the more important things. There is a Law of 3 I recently learned about. Ask yourself if you could do only one thing all day long that would create the greatest value, what would that be? Then ask yourself if you only did 2 things all day, and then ask yourself if you only did 3 things. If you do more of these more of the time, you will just get better at them. And you'll be done the things that are the highest value towards your goal.

Be sure your goals are clear to you. What is your why? What gets you out of bed in the morning. What is it that you want to accomplish? Once you determine what your goals are and what you need to do to achieve them put your tasks in order of their value to your goal.

• Must do
• Should do
• Nice to do
• Delegate
• Eliminate

Continue to set priorities on your tasks. They will change and evolve. Rewrite your goals daily. These too will be fluid.

Whatever you've determined is your most valuable use of your time - work on IT. Work on it until it is complete. Develop a sense of urgency.

Using these strategies will help you become more focused and will help you achieve your goals.

Let me know if you have other strategies that work for you.



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