Thoughts Are Things and Their Effect Upon Your Life

October 17, 2011 by

Guest post by Cathy Chapman, PhD, LCSW

Thoughts Become Things

Thoughts Become Things

Thoughts become things - we build our future with our thoughts.A friend handed me a book she thought I just had to read. The Source Field: Investigations by David Wilcock, according to my friend, contained discussions of research that supported what we did in the energy medicine field. As I was reading the introduction, my eye was caught by the phrase "thoughts are things." Wilcock's book was published in 2011. "Thoughts are things" was contained in Napoleon Hill's 1925 edition of The Law of Success in his chapter on imagination. The two books, published almost a century apart, contain a concept not accepted by the general population and, in most realms, not accepted in the scientific community.

Napoleon Hill's Analogy of Thoughts to Radio Waves

At the turn of the 20th Century, radio waves were a novelty. The concept that signals "floating" in the air could be true was proven every time someone turned on the radio to a particular station. Napoleon Hill viewed thoughts

similar to radio waves. When people mentally tuned in to a particular subject, they would attract to themselves the thoughts of others on the same topic. This was where inspiration or hunches came from. By being open to these moments of inspiration, the individual could use his or her imagination to develop something new as did Thomas Edison with the electric light bulb and his hundreds of other inventions.

Thoughts Produce Tangible Results

David Wilcock's view that thoughts are things comes from a different theoretical background Napoleon Hill just might agree with. The continued study of quantum physics puts into question the materiality of the universe. David Wilcock presents the theory that what we call the real universe is actually brought to materiality through a hidden energy or a parallel universe. This universe we live in and believe is immutable, can actually be changed by what goes on in our mind. This is why thoughts are things.

The Power of Your Thoughts

Physiological science is demonstrating the direct relationship between what you think and feel and the reaction of your body to these thoughts and feelings. You are unhappy or angry your immune system becomes weaker. This is measured clinically by biochemical changes in the body. When you are in a place of peace, contentment and joy, the biochemistry of your immune system is strengthened.

How you feel is the direct results of the quality of your thoughts. These travel to others and are picked up by them on a subconscious level. You notice this when an unhappy or angry person enters a group of people. Very quickly the group changes. This is a vivid example of an intangible feeling acting as a thing and causing change. This is also seen when someone is equally determined to bring positive feelings. Their feelings can override the negative effect of one person.

You Can Change Your Reality

If you find yourself happy and grumpy, you have the power to change how you feel. You might wonder what there is to be happy about. Look around you. You might see a happy child who is enjoying the day. Allow yourself to feel the joy of the child. Notice what good things are in your life. If you don't think you have anything good, what would you be upset about if you lost it? Be thankful for this thing in your life.

You have the power to change how you feel. Use it if you want to change how your life is going.

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