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Where Are Your Thoughts Today? Are They Helping You? Part 1

March 1, 2012 by Leave a comment
Just Visiting

Just Visiting

And yes, we are just visiting here. We are spirits living here for a short while in physical bodies and we are connected to source because we are spirit. Where are your thoughts today--are they helping you? You might be asking what is she thinking (or taking) today?? Read on my dear, it's gonna get interesting. I'm just having some fun to give you some illustrations.

God has given me the day off. Annnnnd I say - let go and let God!! Yes, thoughts of worry come up - everybody does get them, it's about what you do with them. Your mind is going to come up with all kinds of stuff. Your mind is not there to make you happy it is there to protect you and keep you from danger. That makes sense, puts things in different perspective doesn't it?  You'll see it in action when you sit down to meditate. Your mind is just busy, busy, busy, keeping you aware of all your to-do's and how hungry or thirsty you've just realized you are or even alerting you to that sound that it thinks may be a threat to you. It just

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