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E Squared Abracadabra Principle

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I'm redoing the E Squared Abracadabra Principle

I did it a first time. This one is where you really start to prove to yourself how this works. You begin to manifest what you want.

I decided to manifest receiving flowers. I gave it the 48 hours but no flowers. I thought I'd wait a little before doing it again. I reread the chapter to refresh my mind with the concept and thoughts. Played with it a second time. I didn't get any results. I'm moving on to the next experiment. But I'd like to give you an idea of what this is about before we move on.

The Abracadabra Principle besides being really easy to spell - just like it sounds - is the principle of whatever you focus on will expand. This is where you learn how to manifest material things. You only need to know what it is that you want, focus on it, believe you can have it and it will materialize into your life. I've done this on a lesser scale. Usually it's for something that is small, not really important to me. Less emotions attached to the thing was easier for me to bring in.

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

You must be willing to focus your attention, energy and awareness on what you want. If you begin to doubt you will be taking one step forward and two steps back. Doubt and fear are not where you want to focus. Focus is again key. Focus and belief that you will bring your object of desire in. Expectation! Most of us have thoughts that are bouncing all over the place. Wanting something and worry that it won't work out or feeling guilt about wanting more, more money cause it's not "spiritual". Heck with that. It's spiritual to want more money as long as it's not just to have it and horde it. Money is energy and money enables you to expand the good you can do.

You try it - By using only your thoughts you can bring something you desire into your life. Set the intention of what you want. Give this 48 hours. Pick something you can believe in, not something that when you think of it you respond with "ya, next lifetime maybe." Start small here. Remember to be specific, the Universe has a sense of humor, so be very specific.

Good luck, let me know how you do - I want to hear how your experiment went! Leave your comments below!



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