Motivation Tips and Tools Part 6

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 Motivation Tips and Tools

 Part 6

 A Series Created For You On Motivation

Here Are Some More Ideas In This Sixth Of A Series On Motivation:

What Do They Do

What Do They Do

8. Imagine.

Make a list of 3-6 people that you admire. Then write down what it is that you admire about them. Is it in their personality, what they do, their attitude, how they dress, how they live, who they spend time with, what their family life is like? This is useful in creating a new self image for yourself and how you want your life to look like. Then create a 1 year and a 5 year goal sheet. Go 10 and 20 years if you're inclined. What does your life look like in a year, or five? Who are you with, how and where do you live, what are you doing, how do you spend your time everyday? When you do this be very specific, do it in great detail. The more specific and detailed the better. You have to know exactly what you want. Say for example you want a new car. If you go to the dealer and say I want a new car, they

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