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Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think

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Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think

I was watching - what a great website. My mastermind partner told me about it. I go there when I need some new and different input and when I want to watch something rather than simply listening to an audio or reading.

Peter Diamandis

I was watching Peter Diamandis co-author of the book Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think with Steven Kotler. These guys are looking at everything in the grander view instead of the usual daily doom and gloom that we are bombarded with. I don't seek news - if there is news I need to hear about - it will find its way to me. Pretty sure about that! I am more interested in focusing on what is positive and inspirational.

On his video, Peter explains why we as humans are attracted to the negative. It is actually a survival mechanism in our brain. Our brain functions to protect us. It alerts us to anything that may present danger. That is why it is easier to lock into bad news - our brain is on alert for something that could harm us. That is its function.

He states that because we are so tied to our digital devices and connected to news and the internet that we experience a distortion of what is really going on, the growth we have and will experience. While, yes we do have huge challenges facing us - we also have progress in abundance. The advances are (and have been) accelerating - we set our expectations higher and higher. Abundance isn't just about luxuries, abundance is all around you if you'll stop and look around and think for a moment.

The book suggests that the new technologies coming down the pike could solve many of the world's problems and raise the human condition higher and higher.

Four forces are examined that will allow us to get there.

  • Technology of exponential gains
  • Do It Yourselfers (not only up to the large entities and governments anymore)
  • The young wealthy philanthropists
  • The Rising Population - 3 billion new minds

His point? We are more empowered now to take on the challenges of this planet. We have the technology, the passion, the capital, and we have billions of great minds. That is Abundance!

We get a different perspective from what we hear and sense everyday from main stream media - that there are wonderful possibilities in our future and there are so many reasons to be excited for what is to come.

This book is clear, readable, a real page-turner. I recommend it!


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