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Love Yourself

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Fall in love with you!

We found a book you may find useful. We all could use more love, yeah?! Start with yourself. It's the best place to begin. Not really liking the cover of the book. A bit harsh, maybe he's just trying to make a point. Get the book - tear off the cover.

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It is the full name of the book and in some cases I think this is really true. If you don't love yourself enough the path you choose could lead to a dangerous place.  Your life can depend on it in so many ways. Better decisions, better choices, better mood. If you can't love yourself for example in times of depression it's difficult to have self-compassion.

There are so many paths to grow and develop self love like meditation. It can work for some, but for others it may only cause anxiety - thoughts coming and going when you're just trying to be still and in thoughtlessness. Same with affirmations - it works for some people and for others it feels awkward and goofy or doesn't last. For the long term to have success to actively and unconditionally love yourself, to enjoy your company, to do the things that make you happy, being in gratitude, accepting and loving yourself takes focus and practice. What works for some, may not work for all. It also may just be figuring out what you need to let go in your life. This needs more introspection, but definitely worth the trip in the long run.

It's a short book, easy to implement and that's the key. Putting to use what you've read. You can read and study and watch videos and learn and learn, but until you take action and use what you've learned - not much will happen. Easy to learn, but harder to discipline yourself and use, put into practice what you learn. I could learn all day long. And I have. I became one big bank of things to know. But it wasn't till I began to use that knowledge that anything changed. You know the saying - keep doing what you've been doing to get the same results. Do things different to change the outcome! Implementation causes shifts.

You'll gain more than you'll lose - get the book! Let me know what you think!



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