Good Health Practices

November 18, 2011 by Leave a comment

I'd like to spend a little time on good health practices because if your health is suffering than your life suffers. You can't have personal growth and fun in your life if you're not feeling well. Enough said.

Beautiful Healthy Food

Beautiful Healthy Food

Some of the points I'd like to explore are:

  1. Fresh air
  2. Sunlight
  3. Moderation
  4. R&R
  5. Exercise
  6. Water
  7. Nutrition

As you may have read on my "about me" page - I have been into the physical healing arts for a long time so I have some things I'd like to share. I will keep it short here and I would serve you better to begin a separate project on this topic soon. Now I don't have any letters at the end of my name and I am not advising you on anything. I am sharing the experiences that have helped me - hope this will help you too.  Here we go...

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