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Motivation Tips And Tools Part 2

December 21, 2011 by 2 comments

Motivation Tips and Tools

Part 2

A Series Created For You On Motivation

Here Are Some More Ideas In This Second Of A Series On Motivation:

2. Use Tools To Help You. Part 2 of 2

Your Vision

Your Vision

Use pictures and a vision board. What you focus on, grows! Cut out pictures of the things you want in life and glue them on a poster board. Hang it over your desk or keep it where you will see it often. This keeps you visually tuned to your dreams and desires. When you engage as many parts of your mind and senses as you can the information goes deeper and easier in your being. This is why action items encompass reading, writing, pictures, visualization and speaking.

A vital aspect is choosing what you think about. Your mind is a tool. You have the ability to choose good thoughts or not so good thoughts. It is a choice. I will say it again -- What you focus on, grows! Be aware of what you are saying to yourself -- become aware of your thoughts and when you find yourself thinking something negative, just say "next" and immediately replace it with something positive. You will soon begin to realize that those negative thoughts do not have logic behind them. I like what Esther Hicks says over and over and it works for

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