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Making A Decision

November 30, 2011 by Leave a comment

I was listening to Bob Proctor who one of my favorite Personal Growth Mentors talk about making a decision and how once you do it is actually a relief. Many of us don't make decisions quickly. Decision making is a leadership skill. His advice is that you make a decision quick and change it slow.  Do not be concerned with making a mistake because if you make no decision you've actually made one.  Second thing on a decision and really the purpose of my talking to you about this today is that once you make a decision things start to happen.  You get ideas on how to move forward with your decision. In this context he was talking about making a large decision that involved money.  He said that once you make the decision the way will begin to be shown to you.  He was talking about buying a house or going on a first class trip that you've always wanted to take when your mindset is that you can't afford it. But once you make that decision - ideas, people and events will come into your life that help to move you in the direction of your decision.

I've been playing with this concept lately.  This decision of mine doesn't involve money, well, yes it does, in the

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