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Thoughts Are Things and Their Effect Upon Your Life

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Guest post by Cathy Chapman, PhD, LCSW

Thoughts Become Things

Thoughts Become Things

Thoughts become things - we build our future with our thoughts.A friend handed me a book she thought I just had to read. The Source Field: Investigations by David Wilcock, according to my friend, contained discussions of research that supported what we did in the energy medicine field. As I was reading the introduction, my eye was caught by the phrase "thoughts are things." Wilcock's book was published in 2011. "Thoughts are things" was contained in Napoleon Hill's 1925 edition of The Law of Success in his chapter on imagination. The two books, published almost a century apart, contain a concept not accepted by the general population and, in most realms, not accepted in the scientific community.

Napoleon Hill's Analogy of Thoughts to Radio Waves

At the turn of the 20th Century, radio waves were a novelty. The concept that signals "floating" in the air could be true was proven every time someone turned on the radio to a particular station. Napoleon Hill viewed thoughts

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