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Meditation Grooms Mental Soil

February 10, 2012 by 2 comments

Daily Meditaiton




Meditation develops a great foundation to help you on your path to success. It grooms the mental soil for seeds of abundance (if you decide so). Did you know that meditation does away with negative thinking and gets rid of damaging emotions from your mind? I'm not exactly sure why that occurs, but it may be because with the practice of meditation you get into a different frequency of brain activity. In that state the cleansing process may occur.

A Power Within

You won't do away with negative thoughts after meditating just one time. When you have a continuous meditation practice you will progress to less negativity and you will hold it lighter too. You will also find that when you do get in a negative state of mind, it will take you less time to turn it around. I used to get into a bad mental place and be there for days! I have it down to a much shorter period now. Most common stuff - maybe a few hours, maybe an hour. It becomes easier to move back into the positive when you have tools at your disposal. Meditation, prayer, connecting to source, gratitude, thinking abundantly! They work!

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