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Where Are Your Thoughts Today? Are They Helping You? Part 2

March 5, 2012 by Leave a comment
Like February

Like February

It is supposed to be more like February this next couple of days. Here I go again......The good news is that it is March and soon to be spring, no matter what the Ground Hog says. Spring is still 6 weeks (actually 7) from February 2 no matter how you slice it. The ads in the papers are showing spring and summer things. Bathing suits and barbecues. That's good, they aren't selling snow shovels, snow blowers, winter coats and boots.

Where are your thoughts today? Are they helping you?

When my feelings and emotions attempt to pull me in an unproductive place I just refocus my thoughts to gratitude and say thank you, thank you, thank you. Say THAT 7 times and mean it and *then* see how you feel. It is your thoughts that control your feelings and emotions.

I'm going to dvell (that's dwell with an accent) on abundance. Abundance of everything - air, trees, birds,

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