Raw Food Diet

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The raw food diet lifestyle or a better way to give it a name is a WOE. A way of eating. I don't like to use the word "diet" anymore. It just smacks of restriction. There are so many ways to reduce calories and drop weight that are adopted as a way of eating. And it's not always about losing weight - it's about eating healthier, eating better food that nourishes your body.

I've been thinking about why eating mostly raw food seems so extreme to some people. It's where we began. Well for those of us who believe in biblical stuff and Eve's bite into that juicy apple that changed everything. Maybe that's where the bad rap for raw food started. It sure didn't get a great review did it? So eating lots of veggies and fruits is so good for our bodies. Our teeth are designed to grind and tear into the soft flesh of raw food.

Ya know what I think? I think eating fast food is extreme. Cause of what it is. It's not really food, it's food like products. Most of our food is food like products. How much of what you eat is manufactured? Comes in a box or bag and has a label with a list of things we don't even know what they are? Lasts a long time without refrigeration? Do you really want to eat things that last on the shelf for years? Now it's good to have some of that stocked up in your home cause ya never know, but to eat like that everyday? Otherwise all you're eating is full of:

  • Pesticides
  • Herbacides
  • Fungacides
  • GMO's
  • Preservatives
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Weed killer
  • Food Dyes
  • Mercury

There's more...much, much more but I'll stop here. And then we wonder why we feel lousy as we slowly, slowly are getting poisoned.

So to avoid extremes at both ends I'd suggest to eat more fresh produce. Make some smoothies. But go easy on the fruit cause there's lots of sugar there. Choose fruit with lower sugar like berries. Go for green drinks you can make in a blender. Pick up a little juicer. This one is reasonable on Amazon. 


Click pictures for details

And the highlights are:

  1. it is a compact size (14.6 x 12.7 x 9")
  2. the weight is only about 6 lbs. Others tend to be 15-20% heavier
  3. has a large chute with a 2.6” opening
  4. stainless steel base with a modern look to it
  5. Here's a better picture

There are some amazing recipes - for free - all over the internet.  Eat more salads. Even more cooked veggies - not canned - you cook them. Just throw them in a steamer pot. Doesn't take but a minute or two longer than opening a can. I'm beating you up here but I'm doing it with love. Can you feel the love?? <3

Eat less protein. There's protein in veggies. Veggies and fruits help your body detox too, especially if you're eating organic. You don't have to buy organic everything, but there are a few items where it would be best to use only organic. Apples, strawberries to name a couple.

Hey I'm not perfect, I love potato chips and stuff not good for me. I want a raw food chef to come in 3 times per week and do all the food prep for me. Do some dehydrating too.

Think about this, you don't have to just switch right over. Just make a few small changes little at a time. Add a big colorful salad everyday.

Fresh Salad

Do it for a week or a month. If you do it for a month it will become a habit. Once it's a habit then add one veggie juice per day. This can be fun and exciting. You'd be amazed how good produce really tastes. When you start eating more produce and you go back to something like fast food - it won't taste the same to you.

Eat live food - eat produce - fruit, veggies.


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