What Are You Worried About?

July 5, 2012 by 2 comments
Are You Worrying?

Are You Worrying?


Worried? You Can Change That! 

Most people live in worry....


Earl Nightingale, in the Lead the Field, said "let me show you how much time we waste in worrying about the wrong problems. Here is a reliable estimate of the things people worry about:

  • Things that never happen - 40%.
  • Things over and past that can never be changed by all the worry in the world - 30%.
  • Needless worries about our health - 12%.
  • Petty, miscellaneous worries 10%.
  • Real, legitimate worries - 8%.

In short, 92% of the average person's worries take up valuable time, cause painful stress, even mental anguish and are absolutely unnecessary.

And of the real legitimate worries, there are two kinds: There are the problems we can solve and there are the problems beyond our ability to personally solve. But most of our real problems usually fall into first group, the ones we can solve, if we learn how."

Let's first consider the five senses. Our senses are how we gather information about our world. They enable us to avoid pain and to get pleasure. But... they shouldn't be relied upon when you worry. Because that is allowing your present physical world to control your belief of what you can create. Don't let your present physical world dictate your belief in what you can create in your life. Let me explain a bit more.

We look around and see our physical world and that can create thoughts of lack - Henry Van Dyke says that thoughts are things and we build our future thought by thought.  Stay with me here....what you see in your physical world is what you had created in your mind sometime ago. That is what your are living today. Therefore, what you see in your physical world is actually the past. Things begin in our minds, that is the first place of creation. Things are actually created twice. Once in your mind and once in the physical. Nothing can come into the physical unless you have created it in thought first. I've thought back over times in my life when I had thoughts of what I wanted my life to look like. Guess what?! When I look back I can see where I created exactly what my thoughts were. I didn't do it purposely, now I do!



Physical senses are there to help you avoid danger. Touch tells you if something is too hot. Smell - well no one want to be near something that makes your nose curl. Your eyes and ears alert you to dangers in your immediate environment. I think taste is a bit more subjective. But just the same alerts you to something you'd like to eat or not.

The five sense are also there for your pleasure so you can enjoy this physical life. The touch of a loved one, the smell of flowers, the sight of a beautiful mountain range, the sound of your favorite music and the taste of your favorite food.

Your senses are here for all those reasons, but they should not be relied upon to understand and dictate what is available to you in the world. There is a physical world where your senses help you survive and enjoy. Then there is the non-physical world...

Your thought world.

When you worry -- most of those worries don't come to pass. Did you know that worry is really a negative prayer? Whether you have faith or fear - both are a belief in something you cannot see! So why not use your belief in the unseen for faith? Using your will and focus you can direct your thoughts and eventually your beliefs. Takes practice, but worth it.

I began to worry today and started to rush because that's what worry does to you. When I do that I actually get less done. SO -- I sat down, took a few big breaths to center myself and just asked for guidance. Sometimes you need to simply stop and say to yourself (no matter what time it is) - I'm going to start this day over right now! That is a great practice to stop what isn't serving you and begin your day again from a place of calm and confidence.

Have a day of peace,



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