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The Science Of Getting Rich

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The Science Of Getting Rich

In 1896 a great secret was passed on to Wallace Wattles. It took many years until he wrote his book based on the principles of this great secret which changed the course of history. A secret to life. The science of getting rich.

A secret to a successful life

Bob Proctor

Many years later Bob Proctor came by this book through Lloyd Conant of the Nightingale-Conant Corporation. Bob had been a serious student of human potential for almost 10 years at this time. This book has served as the foundation for every personal development program Bob Proctor has written. With his coaching and seminars, Bob has mentored people from all over the world and from just about every walk of life -- educators, psychiatrists, medical doctors, senior executives, students and sales people. Bob has focused his entire life and career on helping people get what they want and also opening minds to the spiritual components of how it all works together. Bob was poor, sick and in debt when he began to practice these ideas. He turned his life around in one year and spent the rest of his life discovering how he did that

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