Do You Believe in Abundance or Lack?

February 3, 2012 by 2 comments

Healthy Abundance Mindset

Stop living in a scarcity mentality. Live in an abundance reality. Remember that whatever you hold in your mind you will soon hold in your hand. Just like an actor assumes a role, do that. Your reality is most likely different from your hearts desire. Act as if. Use your imagination and emotions to help you create what you want. Where the mind goes the man follows is what I'm sayin'.



If you live in the psychological state where thoughts of rivalry are, if you believe that there is not enough to go around, you will attempt to rush to take something from somebody else. Delete this mindset. We are coming into a time of people realizing that this is a limitless universe we are in. Sounds woo woo to you? Look around, listen, you will begin to hear of this coming change. I see and hear it everywhere. But then again I'm not listening to CNN.

There Is More Than Enough

It might be hard for you to think that rivalry is wrong as it is so highly valued in our society. It feels like every politician or other well paid employee thinks that solely by competition you get what you need. Sometimes we don't realize that by not participating in competition we become more independent and free, as our natural state ought to be. When you recognize that competition is wrong and quit trying to gain

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