Trivedi Master Wellness 11-11-11 Retreat

November 26, 2011 by Leave a comment

We have recently concluded the Trivedi Master Wellness 11-11-11 four day Retreat in Los Angeles, CA. It was amazing, exciting, enlightening, full of love and wonder. The Trivedi retreats can be accessed either in person or via the web live streaming with chat ability. This is my second retreat live streaming. Nothing is diluted by attending from home. The benefits of attending in person are being in Mr. Trivedi's aura which in itself is quite an experience. Also of course the interaction with everyone there and the meals. The participants (and all of The Trivedi Foundation's contacts) were invited to attend his and his new bride's wedding party after the retreat. He gifted everyone there and remotely with an energy transmission especially for love and relationships. If you are single - this is to help guide you to your perfect partner and if you are in relationship for that to grow and strengthen.

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