Robert Smith Faster EFT

April 9, 2012 by
Robert Smith Faster EFT

Robert Smith Faster EFT

I was listening to and watching Robert Smith EFT on youtube today and wanted to share some of the points I found to be very effective. Here are the instructions I took and I'd ask you to try this technique. I'm pretty tough when it comes to what works and what doesn't. I won't say it works for me just in the hope of making a recommendation.

Close your eyes and feel where it is. Whatever it is that is making you uncomfortable, whatever emotion or feeling that is distressing you. Feel where it is, feel how big - the size of it. How strong is it?  What does it feel like? What are the sensations? Where is it? Take mental note of this then aim at it and while you are tapping here is what you say:

I release and let it go, it's safe to let it go, it's ok as I let this go, it's ok to let it go - I release and let it go. whatever it means, where ever it comes from, whatever it represents, I'm safe as I let this go. Then a deep breath and say peace. The tapping points using your finger tips are between the eyebrows, then beside your eye, then right under your eye. On me it is the cheek bone. Then tap on your upper chest bone (the place you would point to when you say "me"). Then when you take that deep breath you grab your wrist - release the wrist and say "peace". If you need a visual ....

All day we ask ourselves questions -- where do I have to be, what should I wear, what time is it, what are we going to do. The type of question determines the type of answer you will get. ALSO.. asking why is this not working for me, why am I such a (you fill in your self talk). These questions will give you a reason to keep the challenge. So now....ask yourself...why are you so smart? Why are things always working out for me? Why is it that I'm so successful? Why is it that I have so much love? Ask the questions that lead to better answers. The quality of your life will determine the quality of the questions you ask yourself and also what you are consistantly affirming. AFFIRM the positive and RELEASE the negative!

Emotions are just labels for feelings and sensations. Feel it -- tap it -- release it -- till it's gone or as Robert says "or you fall asleep". When you say "peace" remember a time or place you felt peaceful. The beach or when you received a massage.

Tap it till it goes away and then flip the memory so it can't play the old way again. Make peace with a bad experience and flip the experience to where it is positive. That means you can never feel bad about it again because you totally and neurologically and internally change how you represent you. As you do this each time with each memory then you will change. You change your inner self. Then your inner self will begin to manifest and produce whatever it is good that you hold within.  So you are getting exactly in life what you hold and believe about yourself.

Change everything - make it positive. We are always affirming, we are always asking questions. How much better can my life be by asking better questions and affirming something different? Make peace with what  you don't want -- getting what you do want. Notice what you are affirming. Notice what was the worse thing that was ever said to you. Notice the worse thing you've ever experienced and change those affirmations to where it is positive. Everything in your mind is an affirmation. All day long we are affirming something. Take control of this process!

What are some of the worse affirmations you could ever imagine? Write them down. Take the bad experiences and make them into a positive (the flip) -- take what you don't want and change the meaning where it is giving you exactly what you do want.

Robert Smith fasterEFT this man is a genius with such a big heart! One of my favoritest mentors!! Love you Robert!


ps: let me know if you've tried this - how it worked for you!





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    This is really a excellent web site!

  2. mary botwright

    This is a very easy way to tap do it often and it really works. You put it over so well and ask for nothing in return . Helping so many people change their lives.The people at the rehab place in your video enjoyed and I am sure a lot of them were helped on their way to a stronger Path in their lives.If we can help people it makes the world a really lovely place to be and so we pass it on and on , and the world becomes better for us doing so PEACE xx

    • Judith

      It is such a simple way to tap and so effective! I'm glad you enjoyed this!

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