Motivation Tips and Tools Part 7

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 Motivation Tips and Tools

 Part 7

 A Series Created For You On Motivation

Here Are Some More Ideas In This Seventh Of A Series On Motivation:

10. Share and Give.

Get with a goal partner, a mentor or coach. Join a Mastermind group. This will help you in ways you haven't even imagined. The support you receive in these environments will get you though anything. The people that you partner with in this way want to see you succeed and share in your excitement which creates more energy for you to draw on. If there are people in your life that are not supportive (the discouragement committee) then keep your plans and goals to yourself. Sharing with this type will diminish your spirit.

Spend time with kids

Spend time with kids

Spend time with people you don't normally. Get a wider view of the world. If you don't have kids, spend some time with children. Borrow someone's. They are spontaneous, innocent and open. They don't hide their emotions. Children are great teachers. We all used to be like that. The culture trains it out of us by training our left brain.

Help someone else improve their life or just make it easier. When you give you get so much more in return.  It takes your mind off yourself and your problems may even seem small in comparison. When you volunteer you are giving the most valuable thing you have… Time.

11. Plan.

Take the first small steps. Realize and remember that things happen in increments not in giant leaps. Take steps every single day towards what you want. Don't worry about the big picture. As you move forward in your goal, the next steps will become evident. Ideas will come, listen to your intuition. Have a deadline for your goal. Give it a date. This gives your mind a certain time frame in which to work on it. If you don't achieve by your chosen date, do work as you can right up till that last moment. Then when that date passes and you need more time set a new deadline. This is not to say that you're giving yourself permission to slack. It is simply an adjustment to your goal.



  1. Lea

    Breaking down your goal into small actionable steps, especially ones you can work on daily, contribute greatly to your motivation.

    • JudithM

      Lea, Yes, it's much easier in small steps rather than looking at the whole picture. Less chance of overwhelm. Easier to master!

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