Motivation Tips And Tools

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Motivation Tips and Tools

This Is The Beginning Of A Series For You On Motivation

Here are some ideas to begin to implement:

1. Start With New Habits.

Set aside time every night to review your day and to plan the next. List or at least think about and recognize all you got accomplished and your wins for the day. When you plan your day the night before, you can go to sleep and probably sleep better without a to-do list spinning in your head because it is now on paper -- you won't forget things -- you can let it go for now. You will be able to start your next day knowing exactly what you need to do and when so you can start your day with plenty of motivation to get it done!

From time to time check in with yourself and your plan. Is your current plan still serving you? Can you implement something new? Can you change it and be more productive and motivated? Don't get stuck with ways and things, be open to trying new and different. Be open to this in all areas of your life.

Time is something everyone wants more of. Yes? Be sure you are planning and using your time wisely. Notice where your time is going each day and how you can use it better. Wear a watch, this will let you keep very close track of your time. I did this and found email took a big chunk (that was no surprise) so I changed it.

2. Use Tools To Help You.

I use check lists and charts. Charts are a great visual way to measure things.  Check lists are great for

Make A Check List

Make A Check List

projects because they are sequential and will keep you on track. Don't you feel so good when you can check something off a to-do list? Journaling is a good tool. Writing causes thinking. Writing creates clarity. Ideas come and go quickly and are easily forgotten if not captured. Write your ideas down right away to capture them. Keep a small notebook with you on your night stand and with you all day.

As you go along start to measure your progress. This will encourage you as you see improvement and it will also show you where your focus is needed in another area to bring it along.

Use affirmations - I use sticky notes (and who doesn't wish they had invented those?) Place them around your home and office -- I put them on the bathroom mirror and in the kitchen right by my coffee maker. It is the first thing I see in the morning. Well no, the first thing I see is the little hound. I could put sticky notes on her!

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  1. Deborah Kovecses

    I really find this personal growth helpful. I need to start making a list a night! Terrific advice. I get up in the morning, my mind seems to go off in many directions thinking of everything I need to do!! The time I spend worrying is a waste of time.

    • JudithM

      Instead of spending that time worrying put it to making that list Deborah! Let me know how it improves your life.

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