Motivation Tips And Tools Part 5

January 3, 2012 by

Motivation Tips and Tools

Part 5

A Series Created For You On Motivation

Here Are Some More Ideas In This Fifth Of A Series On Motivation:

6. Inspiration.



When you are thinking about your goals did you know that if an idea or thought has come to you, that you have the ability to bring it into form? If you couldn't imagine it you couldn't do it. It is these ideas that come to you that move you forward towards your goal. Write down what your goal is. I know you have many different goals but we will talk about working with one here. Now take one that you want to prioritize and break it down into steps, bite size pieces. This way it won't feel or look overwhelming. Next, take that one small starting step. The first item on your list. The steps will be action items to move you to completing your goal. Schedule these action items in your daily to do list. Put this one at the top of your daily list. Do another one and so on -- before you know it you are in the thick of creating your goal.

I keep a book of my favorite inspirational saying and quotes, I keep some on my wall over my desk and some are on my computer.  I even email some to myself. I listen to inspirational people. Put some of these on your mp3, you can listen to them when you are waiting in line or at the Doctors or in traffic.  The car is a great place to listen. I've found that when I'm in heavy traffic that music isn't enough to distract me. I still get the feeling of frustration. But when I listen to an inspirational CD I have no frustration about being stuck in traffic because I am doing something very constructive. As a matter of fact I am saving myself time. When I get home I can tackle a project because 1. I'm inspired by the CD and 2. I feel like I just created extra time in my day. You can turn wasted time into productive time and this will make you feel good!

7. Allow Yourself to Dream Bigger.

Being excited about your plans and dreams will give you inspiration for change. It will move you forward when you have challenges that naturally come up. Believe in your dream and in yourself. If you falter in your belief of yourself or believing that you can get it done, than believe in some else's belief in you. I've hooked into that at times and it really works! If you have a higher power or source, believe in it. Take action, nothing will happen or change if it is only in your mind. You must begin to bring it into the physical by taking action. Expect more from yourself. Expect only the best. You are the one in control of you and your life. Do remember that when we have our ups and downs that it is just us being human. We're allowed!

I Believe in YOU!




  1. Lee Wise

    " I even email some to myself." Cool. I have emailed myself other materials to remember at times -- such as emails as prayer reminders, but did not thinking of creating *my own* inspirational emails and set them to later dates.



    • JudithM

      Lee, If there is anything I look at ALOT it's email, this way I'm sure a gem won't get lost and the repetition will secure it in my memory. Cool!

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