Motivation Tips And Tools Part 3

December 26, 2011 by

Motivation Tips and Tools

Part 3

A Series Created For You On Motivation

Here Are Some More Ideas In This Third Of A Series On Motivation:



While we are in the last week before a new year I like to start planning and help you to plan for the next year. This way we can begin knowing exactly what needs to be done and start doing it. If you are reading this some time after the New Year then you can apply this to a new month or week or day! There is always something about the new year that causes us to pause, take stock, and plan. This is a time of renewal.

3. Raise Your Expectations.

Let go of the painful past -- don't swim in the sea of what was. This takes up precious energy that you could use to move you forward. As my mum would say "don't dwell." Use your past successes as a reminder that you can and have reached your goals. That you can and do what you set your mind on. Don't be afraid of failure. Fear of failure immobilizes you, freezes you. Even the greatest inventors and highest achievers didn't suddenly one day find the answer. Do you have any idea how many times they "failed." Most of them didn't view it as failure. They viewed it as either the way it couldn't be done or even as one step closer to their ultimate goal. What do you think would have happened if Edison said "oh well, I failed, I guess it can't be done, this is painful so I quit." Overnight success is a myth. Achieving goals take time, planning and step by step actions. Achieving goals also take courage. This was important for me to realize. I hope you're getting the value of this too.

4. Brainstorm.

You can do this by yourself or with other people. Invite people to brainstorm that know you and want the best for you. Try it with people that don't know you so well, you never know where a great idea will come from.  Imagine the possibilities. Let your creativity and imagination take over the practicalities. If you or someone else says "that can't be done" -- don't write it down -- just say NEXT and go on to the next idea. Imagine that it is impossible to fail, then what would you do. I keep reading the question -- what would you do if you knew it was impossible to fail and money, education, resources, age, gender and experience were not a factor of achieving your dream.

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  1. Kit (Kommer) Dwyer

    Brainstorming is a wonderful idea. I put this to action by scheduleing a breakfast meeting with acquaintances and friends that make me feel good. We have a topic that we plan to discuss, such as How did you get out of rut, or challenging yourself to a new goal, what lead us to make the decision to change, etc. Sometimes it takes a while to get everyone scheduled, as our lives are so crammed, but when we finally get to our meeting it is so rewarding, it is worth the wait. Love your mentioning courage too, as that is something we have to reach down inside ourselves to find. We know its in there somewhere, because as you said, we've used it before. Sometimes I forget that! Thanks Judith!

    • JudithM

      Hi Kit, I'm so glad you are applying these principles! This is what moves us forward. When a member of your group is focused on a goal and needs support in times of doubt remind them to open up even just one small area of their mind to believe that it is possible. If that is a challenge then ask them to believe in your belief in them to accomplish their goal. For scheduling you may want to choose a specific day of the week or month and time. My mastermind group meets via phone one day per week at 8:00pm. This call is a priority in our lives. Let me know how it is progressing for you and your group!

  2. Kit (Kommer) Dwyer

    I like that its easy to find relevant links to your archive on the side of your web page!
    Great job,

    • JudithM

      Thanks for the feed back! - any way I can make it easy for you to find what information you're looking here for is important to me. Let me know if there are other topics you or your group would like to see discussed.

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