Meditation Grooms Mental Soil

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Meditation Grooms Mental Soil

Daily Meditaiton




Meditation develops a great foundation to help you on your path to success. It grooms the mental soil for seeds of abundance (if you decide so). Did you know that meditation does away with negative thinking and gets rid of damaging emotions from your mind? I'm not exactly sure why that occurs, but it may be because with the practice of meditation you get into a different frequency of brain activity. In that state the cleansing process may occur.

A Power Within

You won't do away with negative thoughts after meditating just one time. When you have a continuous meditation practice you will progress to less negativity and you will hold it lighter too. You will also find that when you do get in a negative state of mind, it will take you less time to turn it around. I used to get into a bad mental place and be there for days! I have it down to a much shorter period now. Most common stuff - maybe a few hours, maybe an hour. It becomes easier to move back into the positive when you have tools at your disposal. Meditation, prayer, connecting to source, gratitude, thinking abundantly! They work!

You'll notice that following your meditation practice you feel peaceful. There are not a lot of disorganized thoughts circling in your mind and they are more organized and clear. I describe this feeling as though you've been shielded from adverse thoughts, events and additional damaging occurrences. You simply feel calm and good. Who doesn't want to feel like that!?

Occasionally you will get into deep meditation (theta state). You'll get so disengaged from your brain that you'll get aligned with the Universe and that will cause you to get a flush of awesome ideas. Take notice of these ideas that come to you now. Don't dismiss them - this is your higher self, your intuition, whatever you want to name it - it is talking to you! That occurs to me frequently as I've been meditating for a while. Awesome ideas simply flow to you and you achieve those "wow" moments.

As soon as you begin implementing this practice, you'll get less stressed and eventually you will not get strained at all. Damaging events won't affect you as much because you'll care less about them. Your chief concentration will be on matters that are great and valuable.



You'll begin feeling joy for no apparent cause. You'll catch yourself in instants of peace and happiness. It will appear that nothing is wrong and that you are the happiest individual in the world. This is a magical state that meditation can produce. Such a state ought to be a natural state for everybody, but to most individuals this state is far from them because of all the negativity in their minds.

With a regular practice of meditation, your intuition will heighten. You'll acquire stronger feelings from inside warning you or spurring you to take some action. Don't brush off such signs - listen and follow them because they will only help you to accomplish more and become better at everything. You will experience more flow in your life.

You'll begin to understand what foods are great for you and what foods harm you. It might take some time, around two - six months of meditation for a few. You might stop eating meat and other foods. That's because your body tells you that other types of foods are better to have. Don't forget to listen.

The most crucial change that you'll go through is clear thinking. Because you don't have so many damaging thoughts floating around in your head, you'll begin seeing a clean-cut picture of any situation. You'll understand precisely what to do for the best results.

Do you have a meditation practice? Are you starting one? Tell me in the comments section about your experience and how meditation has improved your life or if you are just starting out.


OMG I saw a film last week where NASA recorded sounds that planets make. Yes, planets make SOUNDS!!! The sun makes sounds that sound like OM!



  1. Allison

    whoa, this sounds so cool! hrm...time to fit in a daily meditation. *sets timer on watch*

    but here's something i'm a bit fuzzy about--if the universe can't transmit sound through space, how do the planets make a sound? O.o

    • Judith

      Hi Allison, I'm glad you enjoyed and that's a great question about how the planets make a sound. I didn't hear that part of the DVD. It is Tanis Helliwell - her DVD on Spiritual Transformation. Well worth the time! Very cool!

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