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October 31, 2011 by

I want to share with you a great way to meditate that I started using, called The Silva Life System. This system was developed by Jose Silva back in 1966. He began in the field of electronics and also had a strong interest in how the human mind worked. He would work at his job days and in the evening he would study the great masters like Freud and Jung. He began to question a theory he knew of within electronics about reducing resistance and questioning what would happen if he applied this to the human mind?

He asked "What would happen if you could reduce the resistance in the human brain?" Would it improve our ability to gain knowledge? Would it allow us to use more of our brain - exposing more abilities? He began researching and he started with his own children to see if their grades in school would markedly improve. What he found was that he was able to improve their performance and he also found that his children's intuition were enhanced as well. He did this by training them to function at brain levels Alpha and Theta which are levels of deep relaxation.

He then began to share this with other people and he found that he could teach them how to reprogram their minds. Now we all have paradigms which are basically programs or habits. We developed these programs by the people around us.  It starts the moment you make your appearance here on earth. You're just a baby and have no way to control what goes into your mind. The mood of people around you, their attitude, even the things you see on TV - all of these things are going into your consciousness and filter into your subconscious and become part of you.  As we get older and have no idea of how this works we continue to be programmed by what we see, hear, watch and feel around us. When we become aware that our actions are the result of our programs we can change our habits and beliefs to create different results in our life.  This is what I teach you here in this website - stick around - you will start to understand.

A good number of Silva practitioners began reporting many benefits, such as stress relief to enhanced

mmm Relaxation

mmmm Relaxation

creativity and intuition. So in using The Silva Life System you can gain greater control over your emotional mind and your habits which will lead to better choices in career, relationship, health and finances.

The Silva Life System says "Over 6 million people in 110 countries, including doctors, entrepreneurs, artists and celebrities, have used our training to improve their lives in many inspiring ways. Which is why we’re confident that no matter what your personal objective is, you too can experience positive results."

Take a look at the program. It's changing my life - I know it will change yours.

Here is to your day of better and better!







  1. Anne

    I have been using this for a few weeks now and remembered that I learned much of this in Alpha training 15 years ago!!!! It works!!!

    • JudithM

      Hi Anne, It is amazing - it does work!

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