The Journey of Self Growth

September 8, 2011 by

The Journey of Self Growth

What does a journey of growth look like? Is it someone who seeks a more meaningful life? Is it abundance? Abundance is in every area, not just wealth, but also in relationship, health, spirit, every arena of life.  After all, that is what the Divine intended for us.

Begin this journey taking little steps no matter where you are at in life. Whether you take baby steps or can jump right in - start. Sometimes the fear about stepping out delays or even stops us and that fighting for your dreams by taking action and being persistent will bring the changes you crave. Your world will change. It's a process, it takes time, but it works.

Take some time to become clear on what is important to you. Once you make up your mind - the Universe conspires to fulfill your desires and will give you answers if you listen.  Sometimes overheard in a conversation, sometimes the answer is in the random opening of a page in a book or even in the reply of a stranger. I have had such wisdom and answers given to me from the lips of a stranger.

After fear clears then comes the feeling of being engaged and alive.  Challenges wake you up. Be open to life and to people in your daily rounds. You never know what pricelessness (is that even a word?) you have in the everyday.  It's not about getting hit over the head or instant success. It is the delicious slow unfolding of the treasures in your daily life.

To your journey...






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