Is It Possible?

May 9, 2012 by

It's after midnight. I can't sleep yet.

What if you have something in your life that has seemed impossible to change, heal, achieve or do...

can you ask yourself if it is possible to change, heal, achieve or do?

Hold the feeling tone of that possibility...

What does that feel like to you? I want to know - can you leave me a comment on that?




  1. Rene Beaulieu

    In six minutes to success today I hear three words that some up dealing with any challenge. TRUST, GIVE, EXPECT.
    Trust that the situation you are facing will soon pass and one will truly experience growth from having made the journey.
    Give it your all no matter what!
    Expect nothing but the best outcome as you will often get it.

    • Judith

      Those three words Trust, Give, Expect and your comments on each one - bring us into a space of power and strength no matter what challenge we face. Thank you Rene!

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