Have You Heard About The Trivedi Effect?

March 22, 2012 by

Mahendra Kumar Trivedi

Mahendra Kumar Trivedi is the man responsible for the Trivedi Effect.  If you haven't heard of it or him I strongly urge you to visit his websites Trivedi Foundation, Trivedi Master Wellness and the website for the products he has developed Trivedi Products. (I receive no compensation for these recommendations).

He is a man on a world mission. He's a bad boy but for what he does - who cares! Ya gotta love him. He shoots straight, he is open and candid.

Mr. Trivedi - also known as Guruji to those that have been hanging around him longer and those fortunate enough to be in his close knit organization -- is from India. About 15 years ago he was gifted with an energy from his Divine/Universal Intelligence.  He is able to transmit this energy to others for their benefit. This energy has the ability to impact humans, plants and non living things in so many positive ways. The beneficial effects of these energy transmissions have been scientifically validated by over 4,000 worldwide research studies and laboratory tests and the testing is ongoing.

I have included some data copied from his website on agriculture. To find out more about other testing and  results go to Trivedi Foundation.

– Experiments were performed on over 50 crops and plants, and plant tissue culture cells

Adaptive changes occurred which were completely natural (organic), based on biological energies and in complete absence of any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or weedicides, or any agents for genetic engineering.

Observations in brief (again I have copied this exactly from the Trivedi Foundation website)

  • Increased crop yields (up to 500%)
  • Increased immunity (over 600%), resistance to disease, fungi /bacteria, pests & weeds
  • Highly enhanced vitality and luster, up to 300% confirmed by bioluminescence tests
  • All around improvement in health and lush growth parameters
  • Changes in morphology (appearance) of shoots, leaves, inflorescence, clustering patterns
  • Adaptive changes up to genetic level
  • Fully natural adaptation based on environmental needs, unlike any laboratory modifications of genes
  • Quick maturing, long fruiting period, delayed decay and aging
  • Improved biochemical parameters such as chlorophyll, auxin IAA and glutathione
  • Increased shelf life of crops (up to 1000%)
  • Natural changes in soil chemistry and microbial population

These are my testimonials I found on their website!

Judy S In the last four years, I wake up many times during the night to go to the bathroom, and could only get back to sleep with something to eat.  Since I’ve received the Energy Transmissions I don’t wake during the night as much, my sleep is deeper, and I only wake to go the bathroom occasionally. I wake up quicker and can move better in the morning.
Judy S I used to take all kinds of remedies, herbs, homeopathics, teas, vitamins, etc., to enable me to sleep, which usually didn’t work, or, if it did, only worked for a short while.  I had to keep trying and keep switching, but nothing really worked until having Energy Transmissions from you. (As with the woman speaking, this was all due to menopause.)

Check it out for yourself - see how many people have benefited in so many different areas of their life. I was skeptical at first -- but not for long.

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  1. Trivedi Effect


    Are you still receiving energy transmissions from Mr. Trivedi? How has your life, health and overall wellness improved? I would be interested in speaking with you to do a followup article so you an inform your readers how it has had an effect on your life.

    Good read Judith, thanks!

    • Judith

      Thank you Spencer, Overall - health and wellness benefits are remarkable! I will write a follow up article on the benefits of The Trivedi Effect. Life changing! I highly recommend it to everyone, humans and pets.

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