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I'd like to spend a little time on good health practices because if your health is suffering than your life suffers. You can't have personal growth and fun in your life if you're not feeling well. Enough said.

Beautiful Healthy Food

Beautiful Healthy Food

Some of the points I'd like to explore are:

  1. Fresh air
  2. Sunlight
  3. Moderation
  4. R&R
  5. Exercise
  6. Water
  7. Nutrition

As you may have read on my "about me" page - I have been into the physical healing arts for a long time so I have some things I'd like to share. I will keep it short here and I would serve you better to begin a separate project on this topic soon. Now I don't have any letters at the end of my name and I am not advising you on anything. I am sharing the experiences that have helped me - hope this will help you too.  Here we go...

We are humans and humans have bodies and bodies need attention. I have consulted all kinds of MD's some Naturopaths, Homeopaths and even some psycopaths.  I've trained with Herbalists, Spiritualists and have done tons of research every step of the way. The first thing we must do as health consumers is to listen to our own bodies and inner guidance. 

Fresh air may seem obvious but in the northern hemisphere some of us tend to try to avoid outside exposure in the cold seasons.  I shoot for a walk with the hound everyday the weather allows all year round. It is not just for the physical benefits it has mental and emotional benefits too. It clears my mind. Ideas flow easier. The dog has fun too! Dogs are great motivators.

Take a tip from the dog

A tip from the dog - talk a walk.

Sunlight is actually controversial isn't it? In some people too much causes cancer. In all of us it is needed for Vitamin D production. What to do? They say that Vitamin D protects against cancer, among a long list of other maladies. I am a licensed aesthetician. We were trained to teach everyone to slather sun screen on their face all year round. I think (and this is not advice - just my opinion) - I think unless you have a family history - moderation is what is needed. A few years back I tested off the charts low for Vitamin D. I'm taking my chances with some sunlight, thanks!

Moderation in everything - that is an expression that has been around a long time. Things that stand the test of time are the things I'd follow. Anything in excess is out of balance. That is the goal - to stay in balance as best as we can. Yes?

R&R - love this part the best. Your body and mind need time off. It is how we repair, renew, refresh. Time away from work instead of pushing will result in more productivity in the long run.

Ah, exercise. Some people would rather not. Sorry guys, our bodies were created to move. Not to sit hunched all day over a computer and then on the couch all evening. Your muscles and tendons tighten and contract - they need movement. Do some stretches. Your circulation, digestion, your mind, emotions - - everything needs the renewal of blood and oxygen that exercise creates. It will increase your metabolism. You know that! For the little bit of time of 20 minutes a day, you will reap 100 times the benefits.

Plenty of Fresh Water

Plenty of Fresh Water

Water is the second most vital thing for our existance. Air, water, food. We are mostly water. If you become dehydrated - even a little - that can cause you to feel hungry, tired, sore, slow. It can cause headaches, confused thinking. Most people walk around kinda dehydrated most of the time. If you have one cup of coffee you should have two cups of water. Many foods act as diuretics too. So be aware of those. Google it.

Nutrition is such a big topic - well all of these items are, but poor nutrition can really make a dent in your feeling well. I was having ADD. I quit sugar and coffee. I changed my diet to less carbs.  No more ADD. (I realize it's not that simple for many, and there are a host of other causes that absolutely require medical intervention but do look at the possibility of food sensitivities). Years ago my body was in a lot of pain. I went to a Natropathic Doctor. He showed me how to do an allergy elimination diet. Found out I couldn't tolerate dairy products.  Just makes me wonder how many people are on drugs for pain when the answer might be a food sensitivity.  Eliminate the food, eliminate the pain and the drugs. Consider the possibility is all I'm sayin'.

I hope this helps you. If it helped you - show it to someone you care about too.


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