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Two nights ago I began the experiments in the book  E-Squared by Pam Grout.

I did the first one twice - the first time was before I had the book by reading that section in the Amazon review. Now I own the book.

I'm always fascinated by the universal law that your thoughts create your reality. Finally someone...Pam Grout created  a practical application with 9 do it yourself - prove it to yourself - experiments. I'm in!!

#1 The Dude Abides Principal

The first experiment is called The Dude Abides Principal. The first time a couple of things happened. Purchased detergent BOGO. Found out I was charged 2x. Store clerk refunded for one a week later even though she couldn’t find the sale in print. And I ran into someone I used to work with I hadn’t seen in years and had quite an enjoyable chat in the produce section. Qualify? I’ll take them as gifts.

I just finished the second time doing The Dude Abides Principal.  Person I do some work for told me he was raising clients’ prices and I would get an increase as well. (I said Dude Abides..I don’t count this)…peeps, does this count? And got news from relative I only hear from 2x per year via email to inform me a relative I haven’t seen in 50 years died. (Maybe this is the distant relative that leaves me a couple hundred million dollars!) Not a gift. BUT...I did get a card in the mail from my closest friend that said “Have faith in untraveled roads…Whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith. I’m taking this one as THE gift. AND a well timed reminder as I continue with the book (and life).

#2 The Volkswagen Jetta Principle

It's in two parts each part is for 24 hours. The first one is to see cars of a certain color. I choose bright green. I'm on my way to work and look in my rear view - what do you know?! A bright green jeep of all things! I'm like "cooool". I come to a stop light and what do I see cross the intersection?! A pick up truck towing a bunch of lawn equipment in a bright green trailer. I'm like "YES" This is actually working!!!

I get to the office and in the morning greeting and little bit of conversation Nicole mentions loving the color green. I haven't said a word about my experiment so this took me by surprise. To show me what shade of green she prefers she points to a highlighter that I didn't even know was on my desk. Guess what?!! BRIGHT GREEN.. ahahaha. Wow! Not a car but STILL!!! On the way home not only did I see 2 trucks with logos and pictures on them with bright green but noticing the green traffic lights and how 95% of them stayed green for me. I arrived home with little delay.

Part 2 of 2

Not as successful today or so I thought. The choice was a yellow butterfly or a purple feather. I decided on a purple feather. Especially since I was going to the food store. I figured I'd see a purple feather there somehow for sure....nope, no purple feathers. But what I did see was on facebook later in the evening. It was a hand made dog bed for an italian greyhound and the top part had multi colored --- guess what?? Butterflies! And some were yellow!! Success!

#3 The Alby Einstein Principle

I'll talk about this in the next post coming up after I finish this experiment...or you could buy the book and start doing them yourself and we can compare notes.

E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

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