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Concentration Requires Focus

Concentration Requires Focus

You can develop peace of mind and a better memory by a little effort of working with your concentration and focus. The power of concentration can be demonstrated by using a magnifying glass and a piece of paper or a leaf. When we were kids we used a leaf - especially a dry one. We would catch the rays of the sun so that it hit the magnifying glass and was focused through it and created a beam of light. Then we would hold the leaf under it where the beam of light hit and it will burn a hole through the leaf. You and I can create this type of focus with our mind when we focus on one thought or activity to the exclusion of anything around us. This kind of intensity is called "being in the flow" so that time doesn't exist and we are unaware of our external environment. Often times athletes report this experience. That is when they are performing at their peak. Learning to develop your concentration does require some effort on your part but the rewards exceed any sacrifice of time and effort. Some of the benefits you can achieve are:

  1. control of your mind
  2. peace of mind
  3. a better memory
  4. thought control
  5. will power
  6. better visualization abilities
  7. a new attitude toward life
  8. a new view of life

When you have concentration, your tasks are easier and therefore your life will be easier with less struggle to accomplish what is needed and desired. When you develop this ability your mind can shut off all the chatter and the negativity and you will begin to experience peace of mind. People really notice this when they begin this type of meditation or concentration practice. Initially when they sit down they find they cannot quiet their mind. The mind starts to create lists, you think about what you will eat later and what you will do after. Your mind gets very slippery so you concentrate on bringing it back to your practice. There are different types of exercises you can use to develop this. One is of course meditation, but there are other practices you can implement during your day that only take a few minutes. One that I started with was to draw a dot on the wall (or draw a dot on a sticky note and fasten it to the wall). Focus on that dot for 5 minutes. It took a little practice for me to be able to focus on that dot for 5 minutes straight. Another thing you can try is to sit in a quiet place, choose a word or a thing to focus on. When your mind wanders (and it will) just return to the original word or thing. Start with 5 minutes and build up to 10. Experiment with this and have fun with it.

To improve your concentration you do need to train if you have the desire to make your mind work for you instead of the other way around. When your mind is without training you have all kinds of thoughts coming and going. Most of them (except for a blessed small percentage) are negative thoughts some of them are even confused thoughts. Of course part of that is the information we put into our minds such as the media, TV, movies, etc. I've written about that before. These kinds of thoughts steal our energy.

Soon enough after practicing with this it will become second nature. Yes, at first you will be conscious of making the effort, but after a while it will become a natural part of you. You will also find that you solve problems easier and you will have fewer of them.

I know when I experience lack of concentration and I am intent on getting some work done I find that the distractions take over. I get up and get something to drink then I decide to wash a couple of dishes. Then I go sit to work again. Then I find I have to go to the bathroom. I see the dog and decide she needs some attention so I stop and visit with her. It goes on and on like that and time goes by and I haven't accomplished my task but I've done a lot in the mean time so I feel tired but still haven't finished my project.

I know if you want a strong body you have to commit to an exercise program everyday. It is the same with your mind. We haven't really been taught to strengthen the mind with exercises. This would be a great thing to add to the scholastic model. This will also go a long way in your later years in keeping a sharp mind.

Here's to your focused day!



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