A New Direction

May 26, 2017 by

Ready for a New Direction?

A New Direction

You can see - I left this website alone for a while. I'd been trying to decide whether to continue it. I wanted to come back and change things. I want it to be more practical, down to earth and make it more useful for you.

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I started this website from a place where everything is great and let's get even better! Many if not most aren't at that place of it's great - let's make it even better. The way things have been evolving the past few years have really had an effect on us. We live in a different world and everything is changing faster and faster.

Life happens.....

I'm starting over - you want to come with me...great! If not, that's fine too.

Sometimes life just arranges itself so that you have no other choice BUT to start over. It feels hard, sad and bad, but it can be positive. You have to see it so - it's the only way.

Starting over sometimes begins with grief and loss. So many have written about grief and loss, but it seems no matter how many articles and books you read about it - it still just hurts. Intensely. There are no words that can take away the pain. Only time. And you really don't get used to it - it just becomes your "new" world. The grief and loss can be from any event. Of course there are the majors. People die or have to move on, pets die. And then losses like job, financial or lifestyle. We've been witness to so many that have lost their property and their loved ones due to weather events more and more it seems - or maybe it's just the internet that makes this information easy to get. In any case - we have to pick up, dust off and begin anew.

Sometimes the only thing we can do are the small things - which is fine - it's a direction and it's taking action. Do the small things, looking to the future with a plan even if small and little by little, day by day the new direction takes on a life of its own. Take a few steps, get some things done and then you'll see what to do from there. Sometimes we can't see the whole picture and what we should be doing till we get a little further so keep moving forward.


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