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Do You Want Peace Of Mind And A Better Memory?

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Concentration Requires Focus

Concentration Requires Focus

You can develop peace of mind and a better memory by a little effort of working with your concentration and focus. The power of concentration can be demonstrated by using a magnifying glass and a piece of paper or a leaf. When we were kids we used a leaf - especially a dry one. We would catch the rays of the sun so that it hit the magnifying glass and was focused through it and created a beam of light. Then we would hold the leaf under it where the beam of light hit and it will burn a hole through the leaf. You and I can create this type of focus with our mind when we focus on one thought or activity to the exclusion of anything around us. This kind of intensity is called "being in the flow" so that time doesn't exist and we are unaware of our external environment. Often times athletes report this experience. That is when they are performing at their peak. Learning to develop your concentration does require some effort on your part but the rewards exceed any sacrifice of time and effort. Some of the benefits you can achieve are:

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