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Motivation Tips And Tools Part 3

December 26, 2011 by 4 comments

Motivation Tips and Tools

Part 3

A Series Created For You On Motivation

Here Are Some More Ideas In This Third Of A Series On Motivation:



While we are in the last week before a new year I like to start planning and help you to plan for the next year. This way we can begin knowing exactly what needs to be done and start doing it. If you are reading this some time after the New Year then you can apply this to a new month or week or day! There is always something about the new year that causes us to pause, take stock, and plan. This is a time of renewal.

3. Raise Your Expectations.

Let go of the painful past -- don't swim in the sea of what was. This takes up precious energy that you could use to move you forward. As my mum would say

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