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Money, Money, Money

June 21, 2012 by 4 comments


Money, Money, Money


I've been thinking about money lately because I'm reading a book about it. It is called The Soul of Money: Reclaiming the Wealth of Our Inner Resources. Not thinking so much about the physical side of it but more about the study of it. There are so many programs around addressing money -- how to make it, how to make more of it, how to remove blocks you have about making it, and so many more different approaches to healing our relationship with it. There is so much emotion tied to money, let's get some thoughts going here about it.

Some believe that it is "the root of all evil". We know it can be, it just depends upon how it is used, just like anything else. A gun or a even a word can be used to cause harm. A gun can also be used for skill building, fun and sport. (I'm talking target shooting here not animals!). Hand/eye coordination, healthy competition, building relationships.  Words can be used to harm or heal we all know how words can affect us. So looking at money as an evil is a lopsided view.

Some may also believe that to make a lot of money isn't spiritual. Personally I think that is a crock. If you donate money to just causes - don't you think that's very spiritual. Why wouldn't you want lots of money to be able to donate and support organizations you believe in? My commitment for this website is to use 10% of the earnings to donate. If you purchase something from a link on my site and you have a favorite charity contact me and I will send 10% of your purchase to the organization of your choice. My choices are usually dog centric - especially Greyhounds, Whippets, and Italian Greyhounds unless there is an urgent request for any dog needing medical attention.

Money doesn't make life easier it makes living easier. Get the difference?

Money just is, it is neither good nor bad, it just is. It's how we perceive it, how we use or
abuse it that creates emotions and results around it. How we use it is core to our belief about money. How many couples have challenges based on money? You're a spender and she's a saver. Of course there are ways to work those things out. One way is for each to have a weekly "allowance" to spend or save however each desires. That money is designated for your own use. You don't have to consult about how you spend it. The saver can save it and feel complete. The spender can go out and enjoy it or save it each week for a bigger purchase. Just a suggestion that has worked for me.

Hope your day is Wonderful!


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