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Bob Proctor and The 11 Forgotten Laws

September 28, 2011 by 1 comment

Bob Proctor

You've heard of Bob Proctor - just about everyone has - it was the movie The Secret that gave us the awareness to Bob and to The Law of Attraction. Engaging the 11 Forgotten Laws and working with the law will enable you to learn how it works. And, Yes, it does work. I have proven that to myself.  My life has changed drastically since I've been applying this knowledge. As a result of these changes I am a happier, calmer, more organized and focused person.

Did you know the Universe works by Laws? For example, gravity is a law of the Universe. If you drop something it will fall to the ground. There is no changing that. That is the way it is. There are other laws at work too. Laws that when followed and applied correctly, the Universe will conspire to bring you what you desire. Does this sound too good to be true? It is not. It is a structured and mathematical universe we live in and The 11 Forgotten Laws are as structured and true.

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