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Fall Pictures in New England

October 16, 2013 by Leave a comment

Fall pictures in New England I took while out on a walk.

Fall is so colorful with the trees and weeds changing, the fall flowers and the last flowers of summer.

I enjoy taking walks, it reconnects me to nature. It's important in balancing life. Just some time to let my mind wander and to let it (and me) relax. It may seem like a waste of time or unproductive but it actually is the opposite. You become more effective and more productive when you do take time away. Of course one or two week vacations are the best, but if that isn't an option any bit of time carved out of your schedule will serve you well. Take a day, a half day or even an hour...just for you!

Were you ever at a task and you kept going around with it and not solving it or finding the answers? And then you took a break from it for a while. When you came back to it the answer just seemed to appear? THAT is what I mean by it will serve you well to back off and take time.

Happy Fall,


Fall in New England

Fall in New England


Colors of October

Colors of October     








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