April 2012

More on Distraction and Focus

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How to Beat Distraction and Create



If the problem is that these separate processes of creating, consuming and communicating get in the way of each other, the solution is this -- we need to separate the processes. We need to create at different times than we consume and communicate.

I know, easier said than done -- how to separate these processes. Because in the end, when you separate them, you’ll free up your time and mind for creating, and create better than ever before. Separate your day -- a time for creating, and a time for consuming and communicating. This practice will require scheduling and planning. That's easy enough. Also make a mental note of when the best time of day is for you to do each of these. Some people are more creative in the early morning, some, like myself do it better in the evening. Know when your best time is and use that to your advantage.

You can split your day into many different combinations of the two, but don’t put them all together. Or if you

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