February 2012

The Power Of Goals

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Most of the time when we approach goal setting it is because:

  1. you feel that your life lacks focus
  2. your present goals seem stale or don't excite you anymore
  3. you'd like to change careers
  4. you want to find your life's purpose
  5. when there is something you want to achieve and you need guidelines
Use a Journal

Use a Journal

Goals need to be specific. They also need to be truly your own, not your family's or anyone's but yours. You also need to know when to let go, to change course. Goals evolve. To get what you want, you must know what it is that you want. Take some time with a journal and relax. Let your mind take you to your ideal day. Where do you want to live, what does your home look like? Who do you live with - do you live alone? Who else is in your life. What do you do in your perfect career? Do you teach, or are you an artist? Maybe your day is filled with writing as an author or preparing speeches as a speaker. What do you do when you're not working? Don't let your present life dictate any of your dreams, just let your imagination flow, let it provide the details. When you're ready write it in your journal.

Goals need to be specific. In your journal using a page for each write at the top - career, relationships, self-

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