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Organize Your Mind pgpOrganize Your Mind

A definition of mindset can be an attitude. So beginning with that it makes sense to clear your mind of clutter, to organize your mind and bring your attitude to a great level. This will go a long way in helping you get more organized. You know when you're not clear-headed, it's very difficult to be organized. It's hard just getting through what needs doing.

Write Down Your Feelings

Sometimes called a brain dump!

This is one of the best ways to clear your mind of clutter. Take the time to write down your feelings. It doesn't have to be just your feelings. It could be whatever is floating around in your head distracting you. It could be a to do list or an idea list. Things really become clearer when you get them out on paper!

You can do this in a journal that you keep. I know that when I put on paper all the things I need to do, want to do, feelings - whatever - it's like a fresh start! Even jotting down whatever negative thoughts you may be having helps to clear your mind and make you feel better. Click on this link - Writing Journal - to look at some journals you'll love and give you ideas. Some are guided, some are blank pages so you can draw and doodle and some are just lined paper with a nice cover. You can get started with that.


More and more stressed-out people are using meditation to clear the clutter in their heads. When life is hectic, do you ever feel as though you're having a non-stop conversation (with yourself) in your head? If so, it's nothing to panic about. Many people have this experience. Meditation allows you to focus on a single thing, which in turn helps to corral your thoughts when they start to wonder.

Don't forget we all have random thoughts that come up. When that happens just be aware of it.  You can just let them go and turn your thoughts back to what you really want to think and focus on. It may take some time to get good at this. It is a practice and a process. Just be patient.

Go for a Run or a Walk

Not only does this help to organize a cluttered mind, it also benefits your body in several other ways. You can do it in silence as a movement meditation or listen to music. If you do it in silence, become aware of the sounds around you - the birds, dogs barking, traffic - all the sounds you can identify.

Listening to music when you run or walk is even more beneficial. When you exercise with music, it activates the area in the brain that deals with a higher level of mental function.

Take a Nap

Taking a nap - especially a short one will help clear up mental fatigue and clutter in the mind. Taking a ten-minute nap helps to increase both productivity and alertness. Getting a good night's sleep is even better. The next time you're feeling overwhelmed try taking a short nap and see it help you be more organized for the rest of the day.

If you can't take a nap just take a few minutes and stop what you're doing and just be in silence. Regroup. Sometimes I think of it as starting my day over - especially when I need to redirect and focus better.

Spend Time with a Pet

For most people - pets aren't just animals - they're beloved members of the family! Spending time with your favorite pet elevates your mood and makes it easier to get through the day. I know you know that!! In the event that you don't have a pet, take a few minutes to watch one of the cute pet videos on the internet. You'll get a dose of cuteness without any strings attached. Or if you have a family member or friend that has a pet - you can get some time in with their pet.

Do you have methods that work to organize your mindset? Good! Also taking advantage of some of these tips should help you get more organized overall. You'll see that this is beneficial to both your work and personal life. Even if you're currently the most disorganized person you know, it's not impossible to change... with a little help from your mindset.

What do you do to organize your mind?


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